Our Story

Our journey so far . . .

Crestview Radiology Limited which is the flagship company is a free standing professionally run dedicated digital radiology and medical consultancy company focused on improving the conduct of medical investigation and management through the use of advanced digital equipment manned by highly trained experts that are poised to deliver satisfactory services to our patients and partners.

Crestview started a journey in the year 2007 which turned out to be the first freestanding digital radiological center in Nigeria. This pioneering effort has improved tremendously the practice of Radiology in Nigeria. Crestview Radiology is also the first radiology group company with over six (6) consultant radiologists across all our locations.

  • Emargency Care
  • Online Help
  • Qualified Doctors
  • Branches
  • Happy Clients
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Echocardiography
  • Digital X-ray and Fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasound & Doppler Studies
  • Computed Tomography

Crestview also operates in public health facilities through Public Private Partnerships with the aim of improving healthcare delivery in our public health institutions.


New Technologies

Crestview Radiology provides an array of hi-tech medical services


Online Access

We are available online, capable and always ready to serve.


Top-notch Procedures

Specialized Ultrasound procedures such as Anomaly Scan, Sono HSG, etc.


Happy Clients

Our Clients are happy as our testimonials speak for themselves