Best Radiological Services

Our team of experts provides adult and pediatric diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional radiology services. In addition, we are highly dedicated to ensure accurate and timely interpretation of radiology procedure results.

Crestview also operates in public health facilities through Public Private Partnerships with the aim of improving healthcare delivery in our public health institutions.

Our latest wide bore MRI Machine with dedicated coils provides accurate investigation of Brain, Spine, Abdomen, Breast, Joints and lots more. In addition, we have state-of-the -art equipment for your real time health assessment and result.


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Handled by world class professionals with vast experience in what they do.


MRI Scan 1.5T

Our latest wide bore MRI Machine with dedicated coils provides accurate investigation of Brain, Spine and Joints.


CT Scan

This is a multi-slice CT, multi-formatted with 3D imaging capabilities which have increased diagnostic accuracy.


X-ray & Fluoroscopy

X-ray procedures using the lowest radiation dose exposure using our static digital x-ray unit and our fluoroscopy machine


Ultrasound & Doppler

An ultrasound scan is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body


Wellness Clinic

Preventive diagnostic services and early detection of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, genitor-urinary/prostate, etc


Medical Care

Crestview comprehensive medical check-up includes comprehensive medical history review and comprehensive laboratory test

Our commitment to your health remains the same

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To deliver the best medical and radiological services promptly using the best equipment
and procedure without compromising ethical standards.

What Our Clients Are Saying


  • Client Image

    Amazing Radiographers and Radiologists. Did my clinical posting here and they were all willing to teach
    • Amyna Shehu
  • Client Image

    Reception all the way to the Radiologist. Brilliant. Services rendered here include ultrasound scans ( pelvic, early obstetric scan, bio physical profile, upper abdomen, kidney and bladder, etc), Digital radiography (X-rays, mobile X-ray services), Breast assessment (breast scan, mammogram), Prostrate screening. Went for a chest X-ray and was done in a couple of minutes. Impressive. Recommended

    • Bassey Edoho
  • Client Image

    I've visited a number of times. Each time I visited, the place was very clean and the staff super courteous.
    They also have up-to-date equipments, that give you results doctors can rely on.
    • Adaobi Chikeluba
  • Client Image

    Radiology services from lab test to ultrasonic scanning.. very nice and cosy environment. The staff are friendly. Wheelchair accessibility to the toilet and the car park is not spacious. Very accurate results.

    • Sagir